We offer a wide range of services that are described more below.


Site consultation, planning and design


Site design and functionality are of paramount importance. Your customers must be able to find the information they need, and that information should be laid out in a clear and attractive manner. We spend as much time as possible with our clients to ensure we deliver a site that best meets their needs and the needs of their target audience.


Following the initial consultation, we create a number of designs for you to consider. Only following client agreement on design and navigation do we then build the whole site. It is crucial that our clients are happy and confident at each stage of development.


We produce websites for a wide variety of businesses and individuals – catering for budgets both large and small. Our service is fast and efficient, allowing your business to effectively market itself online with the minimum of fuss. With a professionally designed website from 5 Star Web Consultants, you can offer instantaneous access to your company’s products, services, strategy and performance. 5 Star Web Consultants prides itself on the close working relationship we have with our clients throughout the consultation and design process. This ensures that our clients are never disappointed with final product.


Domain registration


5 Star Web Consultants has an excellent track record and experience in Domain Name Registration.


We provide a professional, speedy and helpful registration service to our customers and can advise on the best name for you.


We will register your chosen web name with Nominet UK or CORE, who are the internet name organisations responsible for domain registrations based in the United Kingdom and the USA respectively.


Site marketing and promotion (on and off the internet)


5 Star Web Consultants have carried out extensive research into Internet success and have discovered that success on the Internet does not come through simply publishing your website.  There are a growing number of impressive sites on the web that have had considerable investment, but are not producing business because potential customers simply do not know they exist or where to find them. 5 Star Web Consultants create individual marketing packages for all our clients to help ensure that, once the site is published, it will be found by the correct target market.


Site marketing is perhaps the most important, but quite often overlooked area by designers of web sites. If nobody can find your site, it is unlikely to generate you any business.


Again, we stress that, just as each site design should be unique to a particular company, the marketing of that site should also be unique. We have a great deal of client consultation before site design has even started to ensure that the marketing will be effective.  We then use this information discovered from our consultation to integrate the keywords that will help get top listings.


Both your web site and e-mail addresses should appear on all your organisation's literature, from business cards and letterheads to advertisements. This gives people the opportunity to visit your site and to send e-mail as well.


Site maintenance


We ensure that your site is kept up-to-date. The Internet is fast moving and it is very easy to be left behind if you are not an expert on current Internet trends.


Potential customers thinking that the information contained within the site is out of date, will perhaps pass any web site that is still displaying a date that is even a few weeks old.  We maintain regular contact with our clients to ensure that the information remains up to date at all times.


Site evaluation and site statistics


Comprehensive monitoring of your site will help to increase business.  We will be able to tell why it is (or is not) producing business.


We can advise if a new marketing strategy should be devised, as the people visiting your site are unable to use your services. We can tell, for example, geographical location of visitors, which major search engine they used to find your site or which keyword they used in that search engine.


This information is an important guide as to how the site is performing and allows us to work closely with your marketing department providing valuable information about your potential customers. Statistics are an extremely important guide to site performance and can help pinpoint any problems and successes easily.


Additional services on request


These are only some of the common services we provide. Please contact us to discuss any other services you are interested in.

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